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How to recover your lost iPod data such as music, videos and other important files? This is the question that users ask when their iPod data goes corrupt. Such database corruption could be due to a number of reasons. However, if you have this iPod music recovery software, which allows you to recover corrupt data from all iPod models, then you can deal with the problem easily. iPod Data Recovery software is an apt solution with intuitive and user-friendly interface that is capable of retrieving the data lost due to virus attack, formatting, frozen iPod, inappropriate handling, crashed iPod media, sad face icon error and exclamation mark icon error etc..

iPods are quite popular amongst youngsters for listening music and watching videos; then there are other class of users who use it for business purpose. Given the features that this gadget possesses, one can do a bunch of activities on it. And, it is because of this excessive use of the digital media storage device that chances of data loss are more than ever. This iPod recovery software allows its users to recover and restore music and video files from all iPod digital music players irrespective of the model you are using. In most cases of the iPods corruption, users usually do not have backup of the files. But with this software it is not an issue as you can recover the music files directly from the corrupted drive.

Key features of the iPod Music Recovery Software:
  • It recovers music files, mp3 files, images, video files, and all other data of the iPod
  • Software recovers data from corrupt, damaged and formatted iPods
  • It can also recover accidentally or intentionally deleted data from the device
  • This software has three recovery modes- Standard Scan, Advance Scan and Raw Scan
  • Supports all Apple iPods models including iPods - Shuffle, Mini, Nano, Touch, also Hard drive based, touch screen and video capable ones also
  • Attractive and intuitive graphical user interface
  • It deals with all sorts of issues such as iPods crash, hardware errors, frozen iPods, error situations such as sad face, exclamation mark and mishandling of the device

To perform impeccable recovery, this utility offers users with three robust recovery modes:

Standard Scan- This is the fastest recovery mode of the software operation and recovers the recently deleted music files.

Advance Scan- This is the advanced mode of recovery and recovers music in situations like file inaccessibility, occurrence of sad face, frozen iPods, and exclamation mark icons errors.

Raw Scan- This is the slowest mode of data recovery, and also the most comprehensive one; it is suitable to deal with corruption situations where other two modes have failed to provide the desired results. If you select this mode, software will scan each sector of the hard drive and then recover all sorts of data lying within.

So no matter which model of iPods you use, this software can deal with all variants such as iPods- Shuffle, Mini, Touch, Nano, also hard drive based, touch screen and video capable ones also. Free demo version of this tool is available for free download so that you can evaluate all the features on your own. You need to purchase the full version this iPod recovery software to save the recovered items.


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